Reflection on Bloom's Taxonomy and my current lesson

This lesson could be improved in a variety of ways to best fit with the Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Since collaboration is stressed, it would be best to start with that, creating a task list and specific assignments within a group. A group would be composed of 3-4 students, each with a job and a list of tasks to be completed. Using this you can create self-checks and a system of cooperation whereby each student knows exactly what they, and the others, are accountable for. Have them post these goals in a spreadsheet on some online forum whereby students could check off what they did as they work on something at home. This could be done via a blog, GoogleDocs, or some equivalent system.

To step this up a little more you could simply give the students the data and tell them to use their data analysis and graphing skills to create meaning from it. They would then create their own tasks and roles within the group.  Further adding onto this idea would be to tell students that they must find their own information, whether on the web, through survey, or both, and then create graphs that best represent it. They must find information that can be effectively presented in the 6 types of graphs that were discussed in class. This would be guiding the class towards a student-led, or constructivist, approach.

The second thing for this would be that their data analysis must be done digitally, asking students to create presentations in a format they are comfortable with. This could be a Powerpoint, movie, Prezi, Excel spreadsheet or any form that would display their technological prowess along with the necessary information. I would personally try to steer students towards something more dynamic like movie making or Prezi rather than Powerpoint, but ultimately I would leave it up to them.  Students would be required to present their information to the class at the end of the unit.

For a much more advanced aspect, students could be asked to create mathematical models of the data and then make predictions based on these. This could be done via sites like Wolfram Alpha or software suites such as MatLab. Using these models they could further their analysis, making recommendations about future decisions.  

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