We have evolved from thinking that our highest order is evaluation to knowing that we can be creators.  Marzano teaches that we should push toward our higher order thinking skills.  Marzano's methods, identifying similarities and differences, for instance, are all geared toward helping students move to the higher level of Bloom's Taxonomy.    While many educators in the past focused on absorption of information, Marzano tells us that true learning comes from using Bloom's higher order thinking skills.  We don't just memorize, we assimilate, we understand, and we create.

In my classroom, I have moved over the past several years from being a disseminator of information to an instructor who encourages students how to search for information, evaluate the information in terms of the world around them, and then create anew.

When speaking with colleagues I really like to share that with new technology tools, anyone can be a creator.  Students don't have to just sponges for information, but they can be creators of new information.  When I was growing up the big saying was "Knowledge is Power".  Now, when knowledge is available at a moment's notice, it no longer power.  The ability to take knowledge and make something new is the power.

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