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Out of Our Minds

Recently as a staff we were asked to read the book Out of Our Minds by Sir Ken Robinson.  I have to say the book supported the idea of keeping creativity in school, but also ignited the inspiration I needed to start to think more out of the box.  I need to develop a shape for myself and how it will define me.  Do I want to inspire others by my actions or try to be innovated in creating something so amazing for my…


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Entrada Nº1 - La Recesión de España

En las noticias recentemente, hay mucho sobre la situación económica peor del España. Hay muchas personas quien están diciendo que el gobierno de España va a pedir ayuda de otros países eventualmente. Muchas regiones ya han pedido ayuda como Catalana, Valencia, y Murcia. Según los planes del gobierno, el…


Added by Caroline Frederickson on August 31, 2012 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

Entrada no1: El turismo en la economía de España

Elegí este articulo porque lo enfoca en el turismo de España. El autor describe el turismo como el motor de la economía de España. Este imagen es interesante a me. Puedo imaginar un país con muchos de los servicios,…


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Quizlet: An excellent study tool

It is that…

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Online Professional Development Courses and Resources for English Teachers(2)

       This post  is the second part of my blog post under the name of "Online Professional Development Courses and Resources for English Teachers"

Let's start:


You can find…


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Online Professional Development Courses and Resources for English Teachers (1)


Have you ever heard the term of "21st century teachers of English"?

       21st century teachers of English are the teachers who can integrate technology in their classes and embed it through  curriculum. Briefly ,they are the teachers who are able to benefit from technology and use it to enhance the learning of "pupils" or "students".

That's why, in today's…


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Websites for Young Learners of English (YLE)(1)

If you are teaching to Young Learners Of English(YLE ),those website can be really beneficial for your pupils.

Let's start:



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First Class Review - 28 Aug 2012

As an educator, it's important to be reflective of my practice, not for the sake of boasting, but for the sake of being able to recall what went well, what worked - and definitely how things could be improved for the next time I teach this particular session of CPED2023 for Johnson University.

I spend what my wife probably thinks is an inordinate amount of time pining over and re-examining my course content, flow and learning…


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Behavior Management Tool



       Most of the teachers quit their job because of trouble-maker  students and noise level in  the classroom. As a teacher , I have tried many ways to make my classes quiter.

One of the methods I implemented in my classes.

      Last year with my 3rd graders ,I used a method based on tickets.Each student has 3 tickets.In an  inappropriate behavior like  talking without raising hands…


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Reflections on Student Engagement: Don’t “Zsa Zsa Gabor” Them

"I call everyone 'Darling' because I can't remember their names."

-Zsa Zsa Gabor

A few years ago, my fledgling kid brother walked into his first class at Central Michigan University. It was in one of those stadium-sized lecture halls—you know the kind: a wall of vertical-sliding chalkboards and a…


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Technology and education are pretty intertwined these days and nearly every teacher has a few favorite tech tools that make doing his or her job and connecting with students a little bit easier and more fun for all involved. Yet as with anything related to technology, new tools are hitting the market constantly…


Added by Gianfranco D'Aversa on August 27, 2012 at 7:06am — No Comments


Mobile phones managed to mostly kick their classroom stigma once the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other PDA-cellular hybrids (also known as “smartphones,” but you knew that already) popped onto the scene. Thanks to the veritable Library of Alexandria of apps available on the respective markets, life can…


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My handmade dry-erase boards




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Connected Educator Month

This August I have enjoyed being involved in Connected Educator Month activities. Sheri Edwards, a pro at connecting, shared how Classroom 2.0 was so beneficial to her when she was beginning her PLN. Even though I've had this account for over a year, this is my first time making a blog post. I wanted to come back and try it.…


Added by Denise Krebs on August 25, 2012 at 8:06pm — 1 Comment

I need to interview an online teacher/instructor for a class -

Looking for a volunteer....I promise it won't be a lengthy thing. Please reply to and put "Interview" in the subject line.  Thanks in advance.  Amber

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Google Apps

I have been using Google and Google Aps in my classroom and with my students for the past two years.  Each year I use Google, I am able to incorporate more of the Apps into my teaching.  My district has issued each student a Google account.  This has made the difference in using Google Apps with my students. 

Last year I utilized Google Docs in many aspects of my teaching.  I started the year with basis documents and taught my students how to share these with me.  From there the…


Added by Sara Finney on August 25, 2012 at 1:31pm — 1 Comment


Chronozoom is a zoomable timeline of timelines augmented with multimedia features. Packed into a single Web page, ChronoZoom represents literally the history of everything since the Big Bang, presented in a visual, navigable package. Users log on to …


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Dipity is a chronological timeline builder that takes useful information on the Internet—from social media, traditional search services, and RSS – and aggregates them in a single, easy-to-use, fun-to-navigate interface. These timelines not only cover a wide variety…


Added by Gianfranco D'Aversa on August 24, 2012 at 5:27am — 1 Comment


SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform which allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings. SoundCloud was originally started in Stockholm, Sweden, but was established in…


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Os medos na produção de um TCC

Um trabalho de conclusão de curso é um caminho no qual toda e qualquer produção científica toda aluno de curso superior deve passar,seja ele de graduação ou pós graduação.

E os medos na produção são sempre os mesmos:

  • Não tenho hábito de leitura e um TCC é necessário ler bastante.
  • O meu orientador tem muito conhecimento e acho que o que ele quer que eu produza fica fora da minha…

Added by Mauricio De Oliveira Munhoz on August 24, 2012 at 4:56am — No Comments

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