Does anyone have some experience with this? I have a couple of flash drives that work but only with the Boot CD. I'm looking for some help in finding and setting bios setting to boot usb drives. I couldnt find much on the Sugar Labs site.

I'm also interested in pointers to VM implementation projects I'm running an emulator for Windows and Linux on my Mac and would like to see if I could do the same with SoaS. I could only find mention of this as a project on the Sugar Labs site.

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Hello Farooq,

I have a MacBook and have run SoaS via Virtual Box, which is not a very satisfying way to do it. I know there are others who have installed it via a live CD or usb drive, but haven't had the time to do that yet.

It isn't implemented for the older PowerBooks and G4 and G5s. It only runs on Intel machines (so far). They (lots of volunteer programmers) are working on that, but it isn't a priority.

You can find the help info for SugarLabs at:

You may also want to join the SugarLabs mailing list at:

IAEP="It's An Education Project" (not a laptop project}

Caryl (aka SweetXOGrannie)
Thanks so much for this. I have a MacBook with Parallels and will try out Soas on it. Agree that PPC-based Macs are not worth trying to set up as VM Machines - I have a G4 iBook, OS 10.5 + resources with iEmulator but running anything more recent than DOS is uncomfortably slow.

The couple of SoaS flash drives I've made work very well with different pcs as long as I boot from the boot CD. I was hoping that the Fedora LiveUSB needed less hacking on the pc in order for the usb to boot - a bit more like U3, though I accept that it has problems also. I'm going to try to copy the Boot CD to the flash drive and see if I can use it to launch the usb from there. I'll post my experience back here in a few days - I'm a bit blue screened out for the moment if you get my meaning ;-)


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