Spanish III

In this course, you will enhance your grammatical and rhetorical skills, focusing on strategies for accuracy, style, and organization. You will be exposed to a variety of texts in Spanish that will provide different perspectives on social, political, and educational issues in the US and the Spanish-speaking world and offer opportunities for critical thinking about these issues. The course texts will also provide models for writing in Spanish and a basis for you to begin to develop your own informed opinions. You will, in turn, express and support your opinions on these issues in argumentative, descriptive, and reaction essays.


Throughout the semester you will engage in activities to build writing fluency and accuracy in Spanish and to refine a variety of editing and revising skills. You will also write formal essays, which will involve multiple drafts and conferences with the instructor about your writing. You will have many opportunities to reflect on the writing process and to identify your strengths and target areas for improvement.


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Incluid aquí la reflexión del Blog 1 (mínimo 300-350 palabras) según las instrucciones:5 pasos a seguir para TODAS las entradas: (1)  Ve a…Continuar


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Para vuestra primera aportación de foro, tenéis que presentaros, incluyendo:1. Nombre; país de origen; estudios académicos2. Razones por matricularse en esta clase3. Algunas metas después de tomar…Continuar



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Quisiera saver si tenemos esta clase mañana?

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Profesora Roig, cual es el ensayo #1: Cuestions de historia? Esta en el syllabus para este proximo martes.

Comentario por Silvia Roig el agosto 27, 2014 a las 11:59am

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