I chose to participate in the International Cyber Fair for my global awareness collaborative project.  It would be completed in the category of local attractions.  We would discuss local attractions that could be found in Delaware and possible surrounding areas.  Each small group would focus on an attraction and be responsible for creating the page for that attraction on our Website.  It would eventually get submitted to the Cyber Fair and then we would participate in peer reviews of other projects. 

                Unfortunately if we chose to participate in this activity, we would have to wait until next year since the Cyber Fair is coming to a close.  I also would not be able to fit this into my curriculum.  Our concept map is set and although I see the value in this assignment, it would not be covered in the middle school math curriculum.  I would suggest this project to our social studies teachers since it would be a better fit for them and possibly cover a few of their standards.  I would also suggest that it could be done during our e-time class which is a biweekly class that meets for half an hour a day.  The only problem with this is that the students that are in curriculum support for math or language arts because they did not get a 3 or 4 on DCAS would not be able to participate.

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     Hi Lyndsey!  That sounds like an interesting activity!  I think it is a shame that many activities which could be of value to student learning cannot be implemented due to timing and to the fact that they might not address certain content or common core standards.  I also think it is a shame that students who are in curriculum support sometimes miss out on these supplementary activities.  I think the basics (i.e., math and English) are vital to student success, but I also think that other activities are important to creating a well-rounded student.  What are your thoughts on this?


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