The lesson I chose to use for my global lesson is called "Scatterplots: Graphing Weather Around the World!"  My students will collaborate with other students around the world for 4+ weeks using to gather weather information from all over the world.  Then, they will collaborate among all the Algebra 2 classes I teach using Twitter and CourseSites.  Finally, students will use the data they collected over the 4+ weeks to create a scatterplot and analyze their data.  This lesson is global because instead of looking up the weather for different parts of the world, students will need to interact with other students from as many places as possible to gather good data for their scatterplots.  This activity could easily be incorporated into my classroom since the topic is part of the curriculum for Algebra 2.  The data collection will be started well before students learn all the specifics of scatterplots; and I will have to be sure to reserve the computer lab so students all have access to CourseSites, Twitter, and

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     Hi Edna!  I really like the activity that you designed.  I think it could be helpful to students on multiple levels.  As technology continues to eliminate barriers previously posed by geography, it is going to become increasingly important for our students to know how to communicate with those who are different than themselves.  Your activity helps them practice this skill, while also exposing them to real-life applications of what they are learning in Algebra.  I think it is wonderful that you are incorporating the use of various technologies (i.e., CourseSites, Twitter,, etc.), too.  This will help the students develop their technological prowess and further instill 21st century skills.  Great job!

Wow, what a great idea Edna!  Not only are they learning about several cultures simultaneously, but they are learning about weather as well!  Many students are surprised to find out that there are matching "weather areas" on other parts of the world.  How are the students gathering the data?  Are they emailing and asking, collaborating on one sheet, etc?  I can imagine that they would end up with huge amounts of data!  Awesome idea!



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