For my Global Awareness Activity, I used the ePals website to create a pen pal activity in the math class.

I chose an activity I saw from a teacher's blog who was from Bangladesh which interacted with a class from the United States (the original blogpost can be seen at:GCEP Blog). I tweaked it just a little more to include more interaction between the two inernational partners.

Students are assigned a partner from a class around the world. Students originally e-mail each other their introductions so they learn a little about the students they are working with.


Students then being the math project. Students measure the dimensions of a room in their house, along with at least three large objects/furniture found in the room. Students then create a floor plan using a scale to make the measurements fit within a graph paper. The ePals will exchange their floor plans, and the other students will try to determine the correct measurements based on the scale written  with the floor plan. Then these students will make a 3-dimensional model of their ePal's room using art supplies and descriptions included within the e-mails. Students will then take pictures of their models and send it to their ePal. Throughout the e-mails, students are describing their rooms, and sharing questions with one another.

With this activity, students are addressing the Standards for Ratios, Proportions and Geometry (Scale Drawing), while still interacting and learning about other cultures.

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This is a great lesson!  I feel very uncreative with my lesson now!  When I first started reading your post about using ePals for math I was curious how you did this.  I now see and it sounds awesome!  I have only been to one other country where I actually stayed in a residential home but it was definitely a cultural experience.  I think the students would be very surprised about what they find out.  I'm impressed with the number of math connections you came up with as well as creating a sense of global awareness.  Would you do this lesson with one class or would you have your students choose which country they would want to find and ePal from?

Wow, that sounds really interesting! What a great way to incorporate Global Awareness into a math classroom. Thanks for sharing!


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