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Global Awareness Lesson

Started by Laura Bianco. Last reply by Laura Bianco 1 hour ago. 6 Replies

I created a Global Awareness Lesson for my BIO 115: Nutrition class at Delaware Technical Community College using the ePals website. Through this website, my students will be partnered with European…Continue

Global Awareness Project

Started by Laura Bossert. Last reply by Laura Bianco 2 hours ago. 1 Reply

What activity did you select to use for your global assignmentFor this assignment I chose to have my students work with a classroom in Greece. Students will be writing weekly correspondence to their…Continue

Global Awareness Assignment

Started by Jessica Pizzaia. Last reply by Christopher Terranova 2 hours ago. 1 Reply

For the global awareness assignment, I chose to involve my students in learning about cultures and the world around them, with the use of pen pals and studying different children from other cultures.…Continue

Global Awareness Assignment

Started by Christopher Terranova 2 hours ago. 0 Replies

The website I have chosen for the global awareness project is I believe that this website is a great place for students from around…Continue

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Comment by Jessica Pizzaia 3 hours ago

@ Laura

I also incorporated Epals into my global awareness lesson. I agree that this is a great way to encourage students to gain more knowledge about children from different cultures, and it also ties in technology! The students won't have to play the "waiting game" like we had to when we were their age, waiting for "snail mail" to bring you your next pen pal letter!

Comment by Laura Marsh 21 hours ago

I decided to incorporate Epals into my global awareness lesson. Epals is a website that allows students to become pen pals with another student in a different country. I began my lesson by reading a story from our reading curriculum about kids around the world. The story shares the customs, lifestyle, and family responsibilities of different children around the world. My students would decide what country they would like to research from a provided list and write a quick journal entry about why they chose this country and what they hope to learn. They will begin researching in the classroom, with teacher guidance. They have been learning about internet safety in computer and library specials, so this would also be a great opportunity to discuss safe internet interactions with others.  They will research their country and fill in their information using a note-taking page with specific categories (customs, language, location, etc). They will converse with their pen pal from the country they are researching to find out any additional information about the country. The connections they make with their pen pal will help them better understand the country’s customs, traditions, and interests.  They will write a short report about their country and complete a Venn diagram comparing/contrasting themselves to their pen pal. They will present their findings to the class at the end of the three or four-week lesson.

The lesson is considered global awareness because it allows students to become aware of other cultures besides their own. They will begin to develop an appreciation for other’s values and beliefs. Moreover, they can find that differences among people can be special and unique. This lesson helps them recognize diversity by making cross-cultural connections with a pen pal. It helps open their eyes to a bigger, more complex world rather than just their understandings of a small town.

I will be incorporating this activity during social studies, although the lesson definitely entails reading, writing, and social studies. My computer, library, and reading specialist are also helping my students research their country during special times. My students are going to need a lot of support finding facts on the internet. They will have a list of safe sites to visit to speed up their research. They will need a lot of help using the keyboard and navigating sites. They have completed research assignments using the internet during specials, so they have had prior experience with the process.

Comment by Nina Esposito on Tuesday

@Donna I really liked the information about ePals. It seems pretty user friendly. I loved how the students would be working on this project over time. They will really get a thorough understand about other countries. I liked how the project involved different learning styles and strategies. I think that will engage the students! I teach Kindergarten as well and wasn’t sure what resource to use for this project. I think a lot of times, they are aimed at the upper grades. 

Comment by Donna Smith on Tuesday

1. What activity did you select to use for your global assignment?
I chose to use ePals to connect with students in other countries. I chose this resource because it’s a safe and reliable resource to use in the classroom. I also chose this resource because it is a great way to learn first-hand about another country without being able to visit there yourself.
2. Describe the activity.
The 3rd grade students will complete a KWL chart on things they “know” and “want to learn” about their ePals country. We will discuss proper language usage while emailing their pals and they will be assigned a pal.
Students will be working over a period of six weeks to investigate topics for discussion with their ePal and after talking with their ePal each week will create a Venn Diagram comparing their own culture with that of their pal.
During their weekly computer lab time, students will have monitored conversations with their pals. Students will be urged to investigate as much information about them and their culture as possible including, but not limited to schooling, quality of life, social issues, government, foods they eat, what they wear, families, etc. Their weekly Venn diagrams will be checked for six weeks. At the end of the six weeks, the students will review all of their findings and create a final project on what they have learned. At the end of eight weeks the students will be required to present their findings to the class. Students will also write a reflection piece that explains their feelings about communicating over the internet to find out information about another country.
3. Describe how the lesson is considered global awareness.
This lesson is considered global awareness because my students have never experience talking with someone who lives in another country. It is important that students begin to understand that there is more to the world than where they live. Getting them to communicate with someone from another country to learn about their culture is a great start to becoming globally aware.
4. Describe how you incorporate that activity into your classroom.
Since I teach kindergarten this was a make believe assignment for me. I would however incorporate this lesson into a social studies curriculum and use weekly computer lab time to have students conduct research for topics and email their pal. I would use this for their unit on that briefly discusses other countries. There is discussion about culture, trading, etc.

Comment by Jerica Henry on Monday

1. What activity did you select to use for your global assignment?

For this assignment, I chose to use ePals to connect with students in other countries. I chose to use this resource because it is an easy way to meet other students, but more importantly, it is seems like a safe resource to use. When connecting with other classrooms, there are a number of safety concerns that must be considered. You never know who you're actually communicating with when it is done via the Internet. This website, however, seems very safe. 

2. Describe the activity.

For this lessons, my 4th graders will first watchi the Arthur video "Dear Adil" from PBS Kids. This video is a great way to introduce global thinking on a "kid friendly" level. Most of my students have probably never considered that life if very different from the American way of life in other countries.

Next, I will have my student complete the United Kingdom Cultural Quiz to test their knowledge and misconceptions about people from the UK. I imagine that because the US and the UK both speak English, my students will think that things are relatively the same in both countries.

Next, students will meet in cooperative groups, develop a set of interview questions, and interview their new pen pals from the United Kingdom! They will complete a graphic organizer comparing life as a 4th grader in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

After completing their interviews, students will create a PowerPoint presentation and orally present their findings to the class.

3. Describe how the lesson is considered global awareness.

This lesson is considered global awareness because my students have likely never considered that life is different in other countries. Our class has focused on social studies quite a bit this year as we prepare for our 4th grade DCAS. However, most of what we have done has centered around the United States. In the global world that we live in, it is important that students begin to understand that there is more to the world than what they are used to. It is also important that students begin to understand the complex concepts of tolerance and acceptance.

4. Describe how you incorporate that activity into your classroom.

We will be completing this activity during our social studies time this week. In my classroom, we have been studying the Revolutionary War extensively. We have looked at the causes of the war and the British rule. During this time period, the British were often thought of in a poor light. Meeting students from the UK will only enlighten our discussions as we look at how life and our attitudes toward the British have changed since Revolutionary times.

Comment by Nina Esposito on Saturday

I chose to use to incorporate into my lesson. This website had so many cool programs and ideas. I liked this assignment because I think it is so important for students to connect to other students who live in different areas. On this website, there was a really cool program called Friendship Thru Education. This program allows interactions between students at a worldwide level to create an understanding and long lasting friendships. My students learn about the community in Kindergarten. We spend time talking about families, friends, and ourselves. I would like to have my students listen to a story about being “me” and then they will create their own books about themselves. Once the book is created, we will use the website to connect with other students and share about ourselves, while learning about them. I definitely think this lesson is considered global awareness because my students will be teaching a student from another country about who they are and their surroundings. I think my students will love creating these books about themselves and then sharing them with other students. They will learn about what students like to do, where they live, and even more about their lives! This lesson would incorporate writing, reading, and our social studies curriculum.  

Comment by Tom Gavin on February 22, 2013 at 5:10pm

Comment by Tom Gavin on February 22, 2013 at 5:10pm

Look forward to sharing!

Comment by Sandra Williamson on February 22, 2013 at 1:39pm

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