Hello, I'm Leigh Newton teaching at The International School of Azerbaijan in the PYP.
I'm hoping that PYP teachers might be interested in Web2.0 collaborations over at sister site Flat Classrooms in the PYP group. Consider joining so that PYP teachers might collaborate with their students using inquiry based learning.
My personal story is that I'm teaching one of two grade 5 classes. Michael, the other teacher is also keen to see where this might lead us. I'm thinking that if we had units of inquiry that were compatible or stand alone subjects we could post our learning on wikis, and collaborate in many different web 2.0 ways. Networking can only be good.
If we can gather PYP teachers in the one place the chances are much greater that we can co-ordinate our dreams and units of inquiry.

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Hello Leigh!

I am also a PYP teacher, teaching EAL in the first grade at Irmak Schools, Istanbul, Turkey.
I participated a workshop on Nov 28,2007 and met Mr. Tigchelaar who, I think, might be working with you at the International School of Azarbaijan.

I would like to collaborate with other PYP teachers. Currently, a group of my students and I got involved in the "Lunch Box Project" and collaborating with two classes, one from Australia and the other from China. You can view our project site on Wikispaces :
Thanks Deniz. I've added the information over on Flatclassrooms-PYP.
Strangely enough, I was teaching at Koc Elementary in Istanbul from Jan-June 07.
Yes, David Tigchelaar is our Principal at TISA and a quality one at that.
The world is so small. :) Thanks for your comment on Flatclassroom-PYP. I just checked it out. Hopefully, we'll have good results.

By the way, sorry for the confusion. I think I signed up for Flatclassrooms-PYP twice with different email addresses. I realized it a little late, I'm afraid.:)

Kindest Regards,
I've checked Flat Classrooms-PYP and can't see your membership there. I see you on the main page however.
Hi Leigh,
Amazing I stumbled across you, I was in Baku in 2006 in September and visited your school. I am an ICT co-ordinator at Cranbrook School, Sydney, Australia. We are a PYP pre-authorisation school - our authorisation is in March 2009.
I am very keen to work together on projects with other schools - we have done some wiki work (on rainforests), blogging (on 'making a difference'), podcasting (on natural disasters) and social networking on Think.com (online communities). I work with all grades K-6.
Keep me in mind for a collaborative project.
Sunny South
Cranbrook School
Hey, Sunny, that's good news. Our school has done very little in the way of blogs, wikis etc. There is something afoot however so I will contact you again shortly to see what might be arranged. Our last unit this year is simply Action! It's the Exhibition unit.


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