I might as well jump right in.  I have been on dozens of sites in the last couple weeks that could either be considered Web 2.0 sites or would in some way support it.  My mind and notes are overwhelmed! I am also on a chatboard for 3rd grade teachers.  Someone was asking for ideas about the students being newscasters each morning and giving the weather, news, and sports.  I replied, "Why not let them try to podcast, or at least video and add technology to the assignment.  They could get on the computer and find out the weather, and get on a kid-friendly site with news and sports."  I'm proud of myself in that I immediately thought of using technology, but now I know she is going to come back and ask me questions!  Any ideas out there to help us do this without tripping all over ourselves and wasting time?  Although, I am beginning to think as I "waste time" I am learning a lot.

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This sounds like a fun idea. I am a 3rd grade teacher and would be interested in getting the contact information for your group. I know how to create video and compress it for podcast. It's easy, but not something I could explain well in a short blog. If I were to do this project, I would use the webcam on my laptop. The kid who is broadcasting sits in front of the laptop. Presses a few keys and has a newscast that can be replayed on the data projector for the whole class to see. After that you would have to just save the video as a podcast. This is a quick and easy way. Of course there are more elaborate ways. You could do it with a digital video camera. Another idea is use your cell phone video. The kids love it when I take video with my little digital camera or cell phone and then play it back on my laptop using the data projector. KIS - keep it simple -
Thanks for your reply. I think I might try the video camera because I want them to take it at different place in our campus. I've never done any podcasting before so I would be interested in your help with that.
Depending on your publication needs/restrictions, you might want to consider audio podcasts as well. For example, if you started with the weather, you could have kids create a base set of slides for various types of weather once they study that . The kids could then focus on getting excellent VoiceOver prepared to go with the correct slide for the days weather. Also It can be a good option for the camera shy. Many of my students choose to begin this way. Also, video production can consume alot of tim.
Thanks for the input, Janine. I've got a lot to consider before I start this. I don't want to start it with the students then stop because it is too unmanageable.


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