Ugh - Apparently I missed a few things in session 3 portfolio and I have to make changes! I am spending way too much time doing this!

Anyway, I think this is for collaboration # 4:

Search for free, online visual mapping tools or graphic organizers to use for Collaboration #4. Don't forget to add them to your bookmarks.

In our district, we have implimented thinking maps.  We are not even allowed to use the term graphic organizers! There has been a ton of training, and the teachers can use the thinking map software, or do the thinking map organizers using another tool such as Kidspiration.  I have no need to look for any online, but I will take a look and see what I can find!

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Thanks for posting, I will begin on session 4 this evening. I have been sick the last few days and couldn't get anything done.  My session 3 grades were lower than I expected.  I guess she might be grading harder. I received an 86 for my portfolio.  I am really disappointed in that grade.  She took 10 points for my Exhibit Description.  There was a 3000 character limit, so I listed the SOL #'s rather than writing them out, so that I would have enough space to write and lost 10 points.  How were your grades this time?
Same here! I used a lot of NETS and they would have taken up all of the characters. I am so over this class, but have way too much pride to quit. 

We do use the word graphic organizer.  Funny how district to district things are so different.  However, take a look at this site when you get a minute :)

Oh boy, been down with the flu all week.  Just now looking at the portfolio entries due this week!  10 of them!!!!  Gonna be a long week, how are you coming along?

Collaboration #4 Create a Visual Representation

  1. Working with your partner, select an example of concept development in your subject area and work together to create a visual representation of this process using one of the electronic mind mapping or graphic organizer tools you located this session.
  2. Work together to create a second visual representation of problem solving you can use with your students. You will attach this to a portfolio entry (1a) later in this session.
We haven't done this!!  OH NO!!!  Any ideas????  I also posted Collaboration 5 assignment

OK - For collaboration 4 lets use something easy - like one of the organizers from

I am thinking something along the lines of an online Venn DIagram.  Since you teach 2nd, lets focus on that grade level.  The first thing that came to mind may be third grade...comparing and contrasting ancient Rome and Ancient greece.  We would use the organizer to do a whole group activity on a smart board...We can then use something like kidspiration.  We can already have images in the template.  The students then have to create their own version by dragging and dropping the images. THey can even add their own. This would give them a lesson in not only the content, but also the concept of a Venn Diagram.


We could also switch it up by doing something simple as the sample with the whole class - Hot Dogs and Hamburgers...whatever...then they have to do the actual content topic.   What do you think? Yes, it is simple, but they are still little kids and we don't want anything too elaborate for them.  Let me know if you want to pick a different topic.  I can certainly create the sample that we are going to use as our demo and for the kids.  If you hate this, just let me know!!

LOVE IT! Let's go with it!  You can create the whole group one and do you want me to create the individual one?  If so can we switch it to Egypt and China because I already have all of those graphics and it would be super easy for me to get that together.  What do you think?


PS sorry it is late that I am responding, Trick R Treating came first tonight!  LOL!

Yes! I will create the whole group using the online software for Egypt and China.  I will do that today and share the screen shots with you.  You can let me know if I need to add more.

How was Halloween for you all?  It was the first year taking our twins trick or treating. We went to their daycare parade too. We made it to 5 houses, but it was fun seeing my little superman and super girl so excited.  What was your daughter?

I will do the individual ones and send you the screen shot as well!  My little guy was a cowboy! I had to attach a picture!

Freaking adorable! And a great idea for years to come. Here are my munchkins :)
OK - Attached are 2 Venn Diagrams from  Once is China vs Egypt and one is a sample to teach the kids how to use this kind of organizer.  It compares baseball and soccer.  Let me know if you want me to do more or make more changes!



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