Due to the tight budget (thank you, Mister President) we are looking for a free or low-cost tool to check our students (middle and high) for plagiarized content. Yeah, we need high quality for a smart cost, Turnitin is totally out of our budget. Any suggestions?

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I had the same problem a year ago so I understand you very well. I was very angered by this because I think education sphere isn't the sphere where they should economies. I'd tried 3 checkers before I found the best alternative for me - Unicheck. Well, I thought about Grammarly at first, but it's also too expensive. Then I've tried PlagScan, but I was depressed while reading their report - it's so difficult to understand it! After that it was Copy space it, it gives pretty accurate report BUT I didn’t like their pricing model where you have to pay 5 cents per each copy check. Then finally I found Unicheck, which college recommend to me. It has a beautiful design, handy interface, and nice pricing. It’s been a year since I’ve started using it in a secondary and I like this checker. It’s the matter of taste, of course, but I can definitely say that it’s great alternative to Turnitin.

Hi, Lynn,
In our school, we use Unicheck plagiarism checker. This detection tool has a flexible pricing for any budget and demand, high-quality support, user-friendly interface and, also, it's accurate and fast.
Here you can find their pricing model: https://unicheck.com/prices

The topic seems old though. Maybe some new members will find my answer useful.

Turnitin has a very huge database. When I run the reports, I found Grammarly is the only tool which was close enough to the percentage of similarity.

The next was Plagiarism Checker X which was almost similar to it. Both are excellent tools and I don't find any other better alternatives to Turnitin.

I would recommend you to see this post - Best Free Turnitin Alternatives for You



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