Dear All,

I am looking to set up a class site for 6 year olds to use!  The functionality I would like is an online space where pictures and video files can be shared, ideally a blog facility can be created for each child and for access to it to be relatively easy.  Any ideas or tips for such a site, or current examples would be most welcomed - thank you.

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Try - it's very, very easy to use. I just started my own site and my students love it. Check us out at

Lisa Wilson

Thanks Lisa - great site by the way, hope your kids enjoy my post!

They were excited to get a post from someone so far away! Thank you so much for that!

I use both Blogger and Wikispaces with my students (as do many of the teachers in my building).

One major benefit of both platforms is the ability to restrict who views it. They can both be set to "viewable to members only" if you don't want the general public seeing them (handy if your school/districts limits how photos & work of minors are published).

Wikispaces is great too because you can create accounts for your students, they don't need email, so they can have unique log-ins to edit/update/contribute actively to the site.

Many thanks - much appreciated, can you get one site that has both functions?

I don't know.

I love Wikispaces for the ease of use and ability to create student accounts & protected sites

I love Blogger for the ease of use, protected sites option, and the fact that I'm pretty Google-based.

I have not found (and not for lack of looking, I have Weebly, Wix, WordPress, etc accounts I've used for testing) an alternative that meets my needs like Blogger and Wikispaces.

If you want to see how I manage it all feel free to check out my site

If they are only 6 and you want to set up something for them to use then clearly age is an issue. I'll second the recommendation for Wikispaces. A teacher can create accounts for students - no email required so can be used with young students. I have found that students learn how to use it easily. your students could have a page or pages each.

If you are not familiar with Wikispaces - make sure you use the correct link for setting up a free wiki (or wikis) for education - I have a link and some further information here.

Slightly off topic but your young class might love Storybird if you have not come across it. Note the story on the page two of my students wrote about our journey with Wikispaces!

Google Kathy Cassidy and check out her blog and other resources.  She uses Class Blogmeister.  She does amazing things with little kids.

I have just set up a site for my new class this year. I am moving schools and wanted something that is easy to use, can be blogged, Facebook without the ability for others to get the kids or see their stuff etc etc. I came across a site called Ning. It is a social network with all these features. It is completely moderated by me and completely private which is what I want. It isn't free but I have set up a Mini Ning which costs me 3.40 a month (Australian) and allows me 150 users with 1gb of storage space. I just took the mini one out so that I could have a look and see if I like it. I love it. I will eventually upgrade to the plus version I think because I will need the storage space. I want my students to journal in a blog each week with photos etc so it will get cluttered pretty quickly. The Plus plan gives 10000 users and 10gb of storage. Check it out... Ning.

But don't users need to be 13 to use Ning?

I liked it when it was free!

True, but one of the options in the administrators panel is to turn off the request for their age so that you can have anyone join your network.Also, they are not joining Ning themselves as such, they are joining a network on Ning that I have created and I am over 13. Semantics I know but it enables me to get my kids onto it and have them do it safely. After all, the network you set up is as private as you want it to be. I have set mine so that it is completely closed. Only the kids in it can see it, only I can invite people and thus no-one can stumble across any photos they put up except for those in their classroom. Yeah, free would be good. I just signed up for Edmodo and am still clicking buttons to see what I can do with it. It does look ok but I do like Ning more.

Hi Dave,

A word of caution: Please read the privacy policies and do some background checking before putting children in the hands of 3rd party web services like Facebook and Google. Also check with local laws about parental permissions and your duty of care (tort law) for the little ones. I co-authored an article about web privacy recently and I think these issues are going to be a big deal in elearning very soon:



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