What technology are you using in your classrooms?

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We make use of Smart Classrooms such as video tutorials, practical demonstrations as the technological up-gradation in classrooms.

I teach math, we don't use a lot of tech in the actual classroom since we don't have a lot of consistent technology access.

But what I have done successfully is to map out my math class to Khan Academy, Youtube Channels, StudyPug Math & Purple math.  Then I assign homework learning and summer review.

This works for me as while our school/students are not particularly well off financially, we can use these tools to engage the parents to participate in the learning, i.e. watch the videos together in their own time.  But the key to success is also to map my lessons to the math videos and lessons and adapt my old course materials over to it.

In the classroom, students can learn subjects from these methods:-

Video Streaming
Video Conferencing
Collaborative exercises
Use Videos for Mini-Lessons
Introduce a Game-Based Learning Platform

These are all interesting, still when I was writing a dissertation on methodology for online dissertation writing project I found out about the other side of this tech-in-classroom coin.Some are indeed saying that tech is creating more problems in classroom. Attention should be directed at teachers (and Superintendents) who are distracted during classroom time by their own cell phones and other devices. Everyone needs to be a role model when it comes to showing our kids how to use (and appropriately limit the use of) technology and social media.


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