I saw a free website that created presentations that appeared like an ebook.  I thought it was on one of the webinars on classroom2.0 but can't recall which one.  Does anyone recall such a site?

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I am not sure if this is what you are looking for...




Thank you, Michelle.  I don't think that was the one I saw but it looks as if it does the same thing.
One of the best sites for this is Yudu. The site is free. I guess it looks more like a magazine than a book, but it look real cool. I  have used it several time in the past week, and I really like how it works.

Like Jeremy, I thought of Yudu which I have found very easy to use.


I used it to give examples of our use of a Wiki in Maths.


On a lighter note I think my students would say Storybird!

Having said that Ashley Azzopardi has used Storybird to write about Bloom's Taxonomy in the classroom.

Great, thanks!  I love the math wiki.  We are using wikis in all of our English classes this year but I can't wait to show this to the math teachers.  Thanks to all for your help.

Grace I hope it's useful.


My main blog has lots of maths links, do your math teachers use WolframAlpha at all?

That is one amazing resource! There is a link here to resources younger students can try.


Colleen, I never heard of WolframAlpha before.  I already sent the link to our math teachers.  I will also share it with the high school teachers.  Thank you for sharing this.


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