Although the novel is entitled Uncle Toms Cabin,How Much Of the story takes place after Tom leaves the Cabin.Does Tom,in a manner Of speaking,take the Cabin With Him?_Yessenia's Group Only.

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 I would say that he did take the cabin with him although Tom was forced to leave the Cabin and leave his family behind he still Stood strong.He never allowed other individuals interfer with his believes about God and his family and kids.Whenever he was all alone with master Legree his family was always present and he never forgot about them.Throughout the story Tom had to face difficult chllenges he was always brave and he was admired by everyone.Even till his death his death he was still Kind and faithful.

I totally agree with you Yessenia. Tom was very known thoughout the book as spirtually person and would think about god when he went through all his problems and struggles.

Yes Tom and he also encouraged others to have Faith in GOD and he helped those individuals gain more strenght and courage.

I also agree, Tom is the second main character in his book and all the people around him loved him. Actually he's the one that shows us slavery through the christian eyes. While most view points on slavery is shown through black or white,he gives us a religious perspective.

Yes I agree with your statement and he also expressed his thoughts and feelings about life in a diffrent perspective than everyone else he didnt allow other individuals to mke him feel bad.Tom took there opinions as something good that made him grow stronger.


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