Hello collegues, I am new to the teaching field and I would like to know what suggestions you all have to deal with disruptive classroom behaviours like disobedience, fighting and rudeness. These are all behaviours displayed by preschool children and any help/advice you can offer will be greatly appreciared because I am lost. Thank you.

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Hello Reia.  I know that is is not easy especially when we are new to the teaching field even if we are much older that you. Remember these students are coming with their own baggage of problems from their home.  I have found patience has to be no. 1 for you, now raising the voice, one on one look but be careful as some may become violent and want to slap or bite.  Get the parents involved as soon as you see these signs.  Read the students portfolio from your Students Service or Guidance Office first before calling the parents who think we know everything the first day of school about their child. Get the professional team in your school involved. Keep a written record of what you have done and seen.  Teaching is a beautiful life but before you teach, you must have all these precious little on board with you.  Make your lesson attractive, grasping and I hope that you have or may have eventually a smartboard in your class. My daughter teaches 2 1/2 year old little ones and I live with her during the summer and visit her class in Wilmington, North Carolina.  She is extremely well organized and those little ones are obedient, involved, very responsible and I could go on.  Communication is so important. The parents are highly involved as well as all the staff.  They know about all the children regardless if they are teaching them or not. Keep my name in mind and I am certain my daughter who is 33 yr old can help you greatly.  I am amazed at how 14-17 little ones under her wings are so responsible and so good. She changes students every six months also.  So remember, no raising voice, look in their eyes one on one when speaking, patience and love them.  They are our future generation.  Oh I forgot to let you know, I am 61 and living in Ottawa Canada and a Grade 7 French Immersion and Core French teacher.  Take Care!  Helene Wyskup

Hello Helene, thank you so much for the advice. Teaching can be stressful at times and when there is no one to give you any help or advice it becomes more stressful. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to post such a well thought out and insightful response. Thank you again and I look forward to more conversations/advice from you in the future.


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