Greetings!  I am knew to this group and somewhat new to Web 2.0 applications although I do teach online.  I am a composition/literature/journalism teacher at two community colleges.  I am wanting to set up either blogs or Facebook pages for my classes so that I may post assignments, extra information, and so forth.  How do I make sure everything is secure so as not to run into trouble with FERPA?

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Do the colleges you teach at have Blackboard?  Many schools have some type of platform that offers the security you want.  I would check into what the school has available. 

One college utilizes Moodle and the other uses Angel, but I don't want anything so complex set up for the classes as I won't be having them turn in assignments or anything.  If I utilize a regular blog such as WordPress or something and I am just doing one way postings--assignments and extra information or youtubes and so on...there shouldn't be any issue with FERPA should there?  Thank you for your reply!


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