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We are mostly a mac building and our teachers use iphoto to upload their photos, print and to create slideshows. We'd like to share the photos with students/families without having to burn a CD or upload the slideshows to our website. What is your favorite web resource for posting slideshows or pictures to share with families?

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Flickr (a Yahoo! product) is great for photo sharing. You just have to sign up for a free account (if you don't have a Yahoo! account already). You can make albums private or public or private but give out a guest link for select people you choose to have view your photos.

There's also Picasa Web Albums (a free Google product) to share photos if a lot of your teachers have Google accounts already. It works similarly to Flickr, although I think Flickr is the more popular application. Personally, I find Picasa Web Albums easier to use.

Additionally, Picnik is teamed up with Flickr and provides (free) photo editing that's so easy to use yet powerful (like Photoshop). (You'll see an "Edit" button in Flickr which will let you edit in Picnik.) There's also an option in Picnik to connect to Picasa as well.

All applications I mentioned are both Mac and Windows compatible. I would recommend checking them all out and assessing what would best fit your teachers' needs.
Our school uses Gallery which can be password protected. I'm not sure if we pay for the service or not, but it's a great way to organize and archive the pictures from year to year.
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I will investigate these resources to find one that will match the needs of our teachers. Thanks again.

Another vote here for Picasa Web Albums - Albums can be made "Unlisted" (not publicly searchable) and accessible to only those who have the direct link (send in an email or link it on your class site - assuming your site not "public"). You can also embed a picasa slideshow in a Google Site which is a great addition for Google Apps users. Super easy to use if you build/organize and upload your album using the free picasa software.


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