Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Karen, i am impressed that it was should happen, caring for your children for eight years, great sacrifice. You will definitely see your fruits. Next, welcome. You catch up. This a great forum.


I taught in a traditional high school English classroom for about four years, and now I currently work as an English Expert for the first cyber high school here in Michigan. When I taught in the traditional classroom all my students had been assigned personal Macbooks, so I have a ton of experience with all the Mac applications and multimedia composition. I'm currently pursuing my Master's in Writing. 


I'm currently reading What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly, it's a very interesting read so far! 


Hi Grace Welcome to classroom2.0 There are many resources shared here, discussions in progress and we hope that you will share your work with us. I teach accounting to a blended class - a mix of virtual and face to face students so I am really interested in your wrok in the new cyber school. All the best for 2011. 

Greetings from Canada!

My name is Heidi Siwak and I am a grade 6 teacher from Hamilton, Ontario Canada.  I am currently documenting the transformation of my classroom into a 21st century place for learning.  My husband Jeremy, is an IT professor at Humber College and I have two daughters: Lauren and Hannah.  Thanks Classroom 2.0 for letting me in!

Have a great day,


Hi everyone. I am Guillermo P. Bautista from the Philippines. I am a math teacher and a blogger. My blog Mathematics and Multimedia is about the integration of technology in teaching mathematics. I have more than 40 GeoGebra tutorials there. I'm glad to be a member of Classroom 2.0.



Thank you for contributing great ideas in facilitating the learning of mathematics- seen your blog and it simply great.

Thank you very much Norbert.

Hello everyone.

 I'm a primary teacher from Bulgaria.  All Internet resources i like and  worksheets for children. Glad to be a member of the classroom with all of you!

Can you share your links to use for classroom instruction, your resources and worksheets that you use?
I'm new in the classroom and I would be very instructive to verify your methods with my education!
Thank you!

Hi My name is Theresa Rangel,
I am from Naugatuck Connecticut, but I teach in Danbury Connecticut. This is my fifth year of teaching and I am currently seeking my Masters in Teaching and Technology. I love reading,writing, art, and science. I can usually be found playing with my two kids ages 10 and 12 or running around for some school project. :o) I am currently teaching 3rd grade and before this year I taught first grade for the last 4 years. I love what I do and am always looking for ways to work smarter instead of harder. Time is precious!
Scott, i encourage you to browse the blogs on the Tutor/Mentor Connection forum. Students learning to use various media can also learn to focus their stories on effort to educate and mobilize others to support social causes and bring people together to solve problems.  This can be taught from high schools and colleges around the country focusing on local, national, or global issues.

Hi everyone - Clive Roberts here ;-)


An international ICT educator currently based in Phuket, Thailand with a passion for technology integration for 21C learning. Just created a new blog:

I have linked back to Classroom 2.0 and will add a badge shortly ;-) I will also try and promote Classroom 2.0 Webinars and events. Initial response to my blog has been great - I already have offers for contribution of articles and will add an 'article of the week' feature - so if anyone feels like making a contribution then hit me up.


Best wishes,

Clive R.

Hello all!  Greg Schade from Ballwin, MO... high school phys/chem teacher.  Any advice on groups to follow here for high school physics?


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