Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hey Maria, I ran a search for Athens and found this post. Please see for a discussion forum posting that you might have some thoughts about? Thanks! Scott Merrick in Nashville, Tennessee
Hello everyone! I am Laura Beahan I am currently opening a new school that has the first partnership with the space foundation. I am in Colorado Springs. Some of the struggles(ie nothing works, class sizes of 40+) we are going through are really tough and on top of all of this we are looking forward to starting project based learning in January and I am looking for people that I can help me as I start to develop this unit and work on getting the other science teachers on board with this style of learning.
Hi Laura, Check out "Seamless Curriculum" at for ideas! I'm a homeschool mom (Grade 7) and I hope your school isn't a copy of our public school system? I always wondered why teachers didn't use dividers in classrooms and just add a teacher to the room? Maybe sides could side handles discussions and the other handles projects? Just an idea from a homeschool mom..with a class size of 1. :) Michelle (My homeschool site has some great science links, and everything on it is FREE.. if that helps?!!)
Michelle. Thank you so much for the link. We are gettng another teacher soon to help with the overcrouding. I have my classroom set up with stations that the students have to visit and they have a lot of hands on. I think homeschooling is harder than teaching in a classroom keep up the good work.
Hi Laura: I think that teaching takes a lot of creativity, whether you have a 'learning disabled' child or a 'genius'. I don't personally care for labels, grades, or standards. My main concern is to teach the LOVE of learning and to guide. My son is at the 'genius' end of the spectrum, so he gets bored easily. No matter 'what end of the spectrum' a child is at, once their learning style has been identified (Visual, Auditory, Tactile, etc.) then you proceed to present subject matter in that style. I really can't imagine how this can be done in a class size of 30, unless you do a weekly approach towards each style and maybe then you can sort out the curriculum in a way that fairly addresses each style. I think discussion time should be at the forefront because when kids feel like their opinions matter (at ANY age!) they tend to pay more attention to the teacher's guidance. Of course, in public schools, you really need to have complete cooperation from the glad I don't have to deal with THAT issue! I think the whole system needs reform and maybe then when those children grow up and become parents our society will have a better chance at intellectual growth. It seems to me that we're seeing more bullying, absenteeism, apathy, and disenchantment in our public schools...I could be wrong, but from what I've seen personally, I prefer to homeschool. The hardest thing about homeschooling (in my opinion) is going UP a grade level each year! It requires an awful lot of research and creative energy. I always worry about 'gaps' in education...that's why I use a more seamless approach...and then I still worry that I'm not doing better and am constantly looking for ways to improve my style...I guess that's why I'm on THIS blog! :) Have a great time setting up your new classroom!
Hi, I am Blair Swecker form Mechanicsville Virginia. I am attending University of Richmond to get my teaching license after raising my two kids. I currently work with children with multi-categorical special needs and autism. My students are wonderful and hope to have them in my classroom next year. It is just a challenge to take this on much later in life and the support has been wonderful.
My name is Lucian and I am teacher and education counselor in Special School Caransebes . I like very much to help and work with my students with special needs . Please vote me here ( see and write the code and vote ) . Here is our website
A presentation with my students with special needs .
Our project ,,Different but equal " fight against discrimination of students with special needs .
I really liked your presentation. I work with elementary age Autistic and MR children in Virginia. Our students love to go out and do any kind of gardening. I just can't keep mine very clean. Your students did a great job. Where did you plant the trees and what other group projects have you done with your students?
Hello everybody. Mi name´s Natalia. I´m from Argentina. I live in Campana which is a small city but is very nice.
I´m 28 years old and I´m married.
I want to improve my English and because of that reason I decided to join to Classroom 2.O

Best regards,
Hello All,

I am a resource room teacher working for a county in northern NJ. My program is a little different, as we service private schools; parochial schools, yeshivas, etc. Right now, I service two schools. My larger school is a K through 8 environment, and I teach almost everything as well as collaborate with the classroom teachers on how to effectively help my students be successful in their classroom. My second school is a high school where I provide more of a tutoring environment at the end of the school day. My work is never boring as in the morning I could be teaching basic phonics, and then the afternoon explaining algebra concepts.

My classroom contains a Smart Board, and I have access to the internet. I find them both to be an extremely helpful resource. Many of my students don't get the concepts in the regular class, so they come to me for 40 minutes once a week for that subject. I need to get as much impact as possible in the time allotted. It is usually helpful to find the weakest link in their understanding, and target where I can strengthen that. If I can find a game or something on the internet, it becomes a fun take home idea for them to practice at home. It then becomes less like homework, and more fun.

I'm looking for new ways to get "the most bang for the buck" as it were for my class. I would like to see how I can incorporate web2.0 concepts with my students.
Hello everyone1 My name is Alex Montoya. I am more interested in learning language. I also love to participate and take part in any education networks just want to immerse myself and learn.


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