Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi! My name is Michele Falabella. I live on Long Island, New York I have a BFA in graphic design, my visuals arts NYS certificate and I earning an MA in instructional technology. I think it would be a good idea for me to join the beginners forum, although I do learn quickly. I am interested in incorporating technology into my lessons. I have so many different ideas. I would love some support from other users! Thanks! Looking forward to learning!
Hi! I'm a high school math teacher from Wisconsin, USA, looking to get my kids more involved using technology in the classroom. Does anyone have any ideas about projects in a Probability and Statistics course? Thanks! Mike
Hello I am Jennifer and I am special education teacher in NY and I am looking to here from other teachers and how they use technology in their classrooms. I am studying to be a technology teacher for my masters degree.
Hi Jennifer,

I've heard that New York is one of the best place to teach a special education. Even my Aunt, she teach special education for almost 5 years.

Welcome here :)
Hello everyone: My name is Michelle Ruggio and I'm an UN-schooler. I'm currently homeschooling my son, Vincent (age12) in 7th grade curriculum, as well as particular areas of interest to him: architecture, cosmology, animal rights activism, and filmmaking (stop motion w/legos). I was hoping to find subject matter related to Vincent's particular areas of interest. I've been looking for an architect to mentor him for quite some time now. We live in Central NY and it seems that all the architects I've called (and I've called plenty!) are either too busy working or too busy looking for work to be bothered mentoring a 12 year old boy in architecture. (Also, I was particularly looking for someone to show him how to use SketchUp! and it seems that those types of architects are even harder to find!) I've homeschooled Vincent most of his life and I'm hoping that we can move to Toronto before he reaches the high school level...although his reading level is already at high school level! Anyway, that's why I'm here...hoping for inspiration and education! :)
Michelle Ruggio again! I forgot to mention that Vincent is an artist and his work can be seen on our homeschool website:
Hi everyone. Fiona Mulcahy, EFL teacher in Spain. Pleased to meet you
hi-everyone my name is venkat from India and glad to meet here
I teach greek language & litterature to teenagers....I would like children love these lessons but I have difficulties...
I am to start student teaching in the Spring and am having great difficulty with all of this technology. I am a bit overwhelmed by it. I am 60 years old and can surf the net, do word, excellent in Excel and pretty good in PowerPoint, but this blogging is getting me down. I can't seem to get the hang of loading videos, can't add my voice to anything and am becoming more and more lost everyday. I will be a Social Studies there hope for me?
Hello maria...

You work at Primary school in Syros right? Can I have a little bit information about this school because my cousin plan to study there. I hope this is the right place to ask about this Primary School.

Baby Jane
Hey Maria, I ran a search for Athens and found this post. Please see for a discussion forum posting that you might have some thoughts about? Thanks! Scott Merrick in Nashville, Tennessee


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