You can help me? for my search I have need to create one community on ning but opened for only students. i need to create one password of access. is possible?

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You can create a community for the students, but they have to create their own accounts. Now, you could have them each create their account with the same password, but I don't think that's what you are looking for--is it?
that it means “they have to create their own accounts”. In that way?
Not sure what you mean.


I need to create a community sluice only who I want. I want to create one community with the access through one password. is possible in ning?
I think I know what you mean. I don't know what word you meant by "sluice," though.

You can set up a community to be by invitation only, and also set it so it cannot be viewed by outsiders. It won't have just one password, but maybe it will accomplish the same thing for you?

Could she tell the students to use one password? When they set up their own accounts, could she tell them to set their password to something she's chosen?
Yesterday I try to give a mome to the community but it does not allow me. but It says: "Web address cannot include a '.' character "...why? i don't understand...the name of the community is "arianna 2.0"
When you create your community, Ning asks :
1- first for the name you want to add to the URL (address) of your community. It MUST BE **arianna20**, such as classroom20, library20. So the url (address) will be:
2- later for the Name of the Community, you can call it arianna 2.0

So finally you will have your community:
Arianna 2.0
ok. I understand. You are very kind. hellooooo



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