I've created a few different voicethread projects with students, but I want to know the optimum photo size for this purpose? It seems you need 400 pixel photos for blogs and wikis and another size for Slideshare. I am using Irfanview to resize images, but I need several different sizes of the same photo to be suitable for different purposes. A few pictures I have tried to upload have taken forever (well, a really long time).

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Hi Britt,
I looked on the 'Help' section of voicethread: http://www.voicethread.com and saw this response regarding file size. I hope it is useful to you.

What types of files can I use?

Currently, we accept image types: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, doc types: PPT, PPS, PDF, DOC, XLS and varying video formats. Since VoiceThreads can zoom in and out on images and documents for detail, we recommend your images be at least 1280x960 (which a 2mp or higher camera can produce).
Thanks Lorraine,
I'm just as bad as my students at jumping in without reading the instructions thoroughly!
Regards, Britt.


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